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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Venice Carnival: What is happening this week?

Thanks to a great list of What is Happening in Venice on     

2014 Carnival highlights:
Friday 14th February: Prologue, Valentine’s Day
Saturday 15th February: Opening of the Venetian Festival with a show, Cannaregio
Sunday 16th February: Boat pageant – Grand Canal – Cannaregio
Sunday 23rd February: Flight of the Angel
Saturday 1st March: Float parade, Marghera
Sunday 2nd March: Flight of the Eagle and Flight of the Donkey, Mestre
Monday 3rd March: Carnival Culture Night
Tuesday 4th March: Flight of the Lion, Silent Water Parade, the Great Fire
From 22nd February to 4th March: Best Masked Costume contest and musical evenings

Daily parades
Every day a company of multilingual comedians will liven up the two morning and afternoon parades, where the best masked costumes will defy each other to win the traditional Best Masked Costume contest. Contestants will be selected by spectators who will then vote and may take their favourites to victory. Every day two winners will be selected to go straight to the Sunday finale. The winning style will clearly be the one that pays homage to Fantasy Nature, a recurring theme in the comedians costumes which will be inspired by the animal and vegetable fantasy world.
Entertainment, Clowning and Street Theatre
During each parade up to three entertainment companies will perform in street theatre shows, clowning, music and dancing. The shows will be selected according to their consistence with the theme and their purpose will be to liven up the square and involve the spectators. The selected shows will target all audiences and they will also be viewable from afar.
Lunch-Time Music Entertainment
Between 1pm and 3pm the square will be animated by a music and dance performance inspired by the world of nature and fantasy tradition.
Musical Evenings
Each evening will focus on a fantasy animal or a mythological creature from the natural world. The selected artist shall perform a show that is a metaphor of the theme or a symbolic-ritual homage. The Art Director will evaluate the proposals for each evening by theme as well as by artist. The show themes will include fantasy metamorphoses like the Phoenix, Leda’s Swan, Daphne’s Laurel Tree; or fantasy animals like the White Lion, the Werewolf Night, the Red Dragon; or more ironic and snarky representations of Donkeys, Rabbits, Foxes, Roosters and any other animals which are featured in international popular culture anthropomorphic irony.

Literature, Image and Myth of fantasy nature: animals, monsters and metamorphoses.
The theme of fantasy nature, metamorphosis, fantasy creatures mixing human and animal features has always excited human imagination and has been narrated in poetry, prose and drama in countless shapes, by many authors. This year the cultural projects that will be developed and selected will be based on works focusing on these themes, whether in musical, staging, reading, dance, or film format. The theme of fantasy nature unites these shows and events which at the end of the festival will be published as texts in one book.

This year the main city campi, traditional settings of entertainment and performance projects, will be coordinated on the metaphor of Fantasy Nature, in music and design, creating a Forest Living in a city of Stone. The idea is to prepare actual plant/flower arrangements with the (temporary) planting of trees and other plants to decorate the traditional stages and recreational facilities.
A musical programme will be developed for a young audience and it will be possible to dress up as, put make up on or simply wear the mask of the symbolic animal that the campo will be named after: Campo of the Grouse, of the Donkey, of the Wolf and of the Fox. Each campo will feature an animal inhabiting the fantasy Carnival Forest.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Venice: the ultimate party, Carnival!

Carnival in New Orleans is NOTHING like the

 bad ass party that is Carnival in Venice!

I may never be able to attend Carnival but I can dream ................
Now that I know there are parties, dances, special events and the pomp of parading in has long been my theory that people act differently with the anonymity of a mask.

I have used the information my Venice contacts have shared, foot notes include all the sources but my conclusions are my own....

2014 Carnival highlights:
Friday 14th February: Prologue, Valentine’s Day
Saturday 15th February: Opening of the Venetian Festival with a show, Cannaregio
Sunday 16th February: Boat pageant – Grand Canal – Cannaregio
Sunday 23rd February: Flight of the Angel
Saturday 1st March: Float parade, Marghera
Sunday 2nd March: Flight of the Eagle and Flight of the Donkey, Mestre
Monday 3rd March: Carnival Culture Night
Tuesday 4th March: Flight of the Lion, Silent Water Parade, the Great Fire
From 22nd February to 4th March: Best Masked Costume contest and musical evenings

As usual, I have questions and as usual who do you ask?

see   for many answers that I found bellow

1.  Where do the design ideas for masks originateMascherari, mask makers, craft the unusual 'face' ware from leather, porcelain or a glass technique.    As I visited a mask maker on one of the many side streets in Venice, I saw a coating resembling lacquer applied.  Finished samples were hand painted, with gold leaf, feathers or gems.  I am sure the artist had hundreds of 'touristi' visit and was too busy to chat.     The working shops are different that those that displayed finished masks.  on my next visit I shall ask Monica (my authority in Venice) to perhaps take me to the oldest workroom in Venice.

My theory that 'you can hide behind a mask' was supported by some additional history.    People of all stations in life could wear a mask and "pretend to be someone else".  Hmm  sounds like today's makeup.    Particular styles of masks were worn by different  occupations.  There is a fascinating list of mask designs and properties on Wikipedia, from the 'Plague doctor" to "Bauta" to Panalone and others.

2,  Shove Tuesday:    This is new to me, I have not heard of this before.     Shove Tuesday, an unusual event occurs, in Saint Marks Square, dating from the 1500's  an acrobat traveled on a rope from the bell tower in St Marks Square.  After an accident a live performer was replaced but a live performer has since returned.    What a dramatic site to witness.  Massive crowds in the square and a small figure in the distance is essentially zip lining.

 3.  The Balls:    Carnival was only re established in Venice in 1979!  In the 18th century the events began with a series of balls in St Marks Square.     Question:  who is invited to the private balls?  The public balls just require a ticket and a costume.

4.The costumes:  Who wouldn't want to dress in a lavish gown possibly with beads, fur trip or even feathers.  To parade around to be admired and even photographed by a mob of photographers.   The cost and time required to create an ensamble must be staggering.   I shall do another post on the oldest costume salon in Venice.      Question:  If you do not rent a costume, are creations used year after year?  Are they handed down to other attendees?   Just the cleaning and storing of these massive pieces must be staggering.

5.  The parades:  Gondola and boat parades along the grand canal, Mask parades in St Mark's Square are capped off by a grand fireworks display on the final day to end the carnival.    On Saturday and Sunday (this year) for the start of Carnival, the water parade will sail along the Grand Canal where I expect the crowds will line the waters edge and from all the buildings.

 Each year a theme is selected for the events during Carnivale.  From the official web site this year is:  fairy tales, marvels and fantastic natures.  Perhaps costume ideas will come from the woods, the valleys, the seas, the mountains, the lagoons and the mysterious animal and vegetable creatures............  leave a lot of possibilities from a hobbit to a giant carrot.

 6.  Food:   There will be a list of foods only made for carnival and the recipes complements of Monica.  Frittelle may top my list of favorites. 

I have asked for updates from Venice and shall share them with you for the next 2 weeks.
Photos by Monica Casarato
Wikipedia:  Carnival of Venice
About Italy Travel:  where to Celebrate Carnevale in Italy

Take me to Carnevale!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Secret Ingredient in Focaccia

Mamma Gulia:    she creates joy for your mouth with Mediterranean cooking.

Learn the secret ingredient she adds to Focaccia!

On my second visit of Lecce with Yle at  my return was treated as if I were a relative or a valued friend.  During the week I spent in Puglia, Yle introduced me to many of her favorite people, all who I would never have met without her introduction.  I want to share these wonderful encounters with you.

After our visit to Taurino's Olive farm and learning to taste olive oil and viewing the operation of how to press olives, we took the short ride to the masseria.      This totally renovated farm complex may take your breath away!  From the miticulous garden to the pool or the room available in an old tower.   You shall immediately become entranced.

But we are here to meet Mamma Guilia, one of the outstanding cooks/instructors for

You are not eating Italian food in America!

I have been told twice in just the last month that Italian American food is not real Italian food.  !  So I decided to find out why and asked my best sources in Italy.   Monica Cesarato in Venice and Ylenia Sambati in Lecce, my Italian sources, are proficient  cooks who offer cooking classes in Venice and  Lecce. 

Where did Italian Americans learn to cook?

Photo courtesy  of Yltour.  Mamma Anna is their top cook.
If you were fortunate enough to have a nonna, you enjoyed days in her fragrant kitchen sampling everything she was spending hours cooking.   From the time you entered the kitchen, food was most likely offered with a simple mangia.

Some of us learned from mothers or aunts, watching and helping with the preparation.   I can remember all the women in the kitchen with aprons preparing meals.    I thought the lasagna, sausage and peppers and eggplant Parmesan was as common in all Italian households, as meatballs!  So I was surprised to hear..................

Nothing like the eggplant Parmesan we had.

That many Italian American foods are NOT found in Italy?
Spaghetti and meatballs:   According to Monica:  “Not an Italian recipe at all.  The origins of this recipe are very, very American.  It seems that this was the result of the creativity of  Italian women who have emigrated to the States in the early 1900’s and who came from very poor backgrounds.    It seems that the American tomatoes, which were needed to prepare the classic sauce, were quite watery.  The women were obliged to add tomato concentrate, exaggerating with herbs to flavor the sauce.  Meatballs were added since meat was abundant in America while in Italy at this time it was a luxury.”

Just need the large helping of grated cheese!

Do you remember the can of tomato paste added to the large  pot of sauce that simmered for hours?    
The bitter taste was cooked ‘out of the sauce’ over the 2 days it simmered on the stove.

I watched Yle prepare lunch one day at her home.  Fresh tomatoes were sauteed as the basis of a wonderfully ‘sauce’ seasoned with fresh herbs.   The sauce garnished the pasta, it did not drown it.    And who has tasted fresh pasta and noticed the incredible difference?

Eva Sandoval wrote a detailed story for Fodor's Travel, listing a number of foods that you wont find in Italy:

Garlic bread:    most times bread is not part of your meal and if it is, never with butter

Italian Dressing:  salad is eaten after the main course and often only with a sprinkling of olive oil.  Of course Italian olive oil offers the perfect complement to many foods.   I sat down for pizza with the owner of a small hotel in Lake Garda and watched her pour oil over our hot from the oven pizza!

Pepperoni Pizza:  Pizza can be sold by the square slice to 'take away' or at the table as an individual round pizza for each person.  You will not see a 'large pie' shared by more than one person.  A wide assortment of toppings are used but in more than 20 years of returning to Italy each year, I have never found pepperoni.  Individual pizza is eaten with a knife and fork. 

Sorbillo Pizza in Naples:  DND took me for  the best pizza in Naples
Each person has their own pizza and it is massive, hot and crisp

Lobster Fra Diavolo and Shrimp Scampi:  Wonderful seafood, pasta dishes that are American.
Seafood is an ingredient for areas in Italy near the sea. 

Vanessa DellaPasqua,the founder and chief editor of Italy in SF , wrote a wonderful list of 100+ Things to Know If You're Going to Italy.    Some of her items I found most surprising included:  you will not find 'orders to go',  no doggie bags for leftovers, meals do NOT start with a salad, chicken is not eaten with pasta, Alfredo sauce is NOT Italian.

Isabel, a friend in Rome, agreed there is 'no pasta with cheese sauce in Rome, there are no meatball sandwiches here and baked pasta is a dish you eat at home, not really at restaurants".   

Lasagna:  I questioned several travel friends from Italy to research this Italian American staple.  Tina, a member of Discover Naples Destinations, described two classic types of lasagna.  " Lasagna alla bolognese, which is lasagna baked with a meat sauce and bechamel * sauce, parmesan cheese and sometimes, a little mozzarella.  Then there is the lasagna Napoletana, which is much more complex, with tomato sauce, lots of mozzarella, little tiny meatballs, ricotta, and pieces of link sausage. The Neapolitan is usually  eaten during the Carnival period ".
According to Monica "what really upsets Italians is the way American-Italians change our food
(Americans in general) think that using oil means pouring bottles of it on (food)!  The same for butter and sauces!   Italians believe:  poco è meglio, less is better ."  

 "It's like you (Americans) do not want to taste the real flavor of things.  So many times we (Italians) eat things as they are,  no sauce, oil or no seasoning, just as it is.   Just  an example:  if you fry real fresh fish, really good, fresh, fish, there is no need for salt or lemon.    Steak:  we simply grill it on a dry grill (no oil based) then a couple of drops of olive oil, a pinch of salt and pepper, that's all".  

Italians have a philosophy on food that may not have immigrated with our ancestors.    Italians enjoy eating and it is the feature part of the day.  Meals are taken with family or friends.  I am not sure Italians understand eating alone and certainly don't accept eating in their cars.   At my first lunch in an Italian home in Lecce, I noticed Yle put a table cloth on the table.  She told me "she could not think of lunch, sitting at the table without a table cloth".      

As the CEO Yltour in Puglia, Yle has developed a number of travel itineraries to learn about Mediterranean cooking, the use of olive oil and the enjoyment of wines to improve health.     On her recent NYC visit she found the food 'heavy', rich and sometimes  flavorless.  "Cuisine, especially for a Pugliese, should always be fresh, in season and not heavy".  "We find that the simpler the more delicious.  .. Freschezza and sapore."            
As you sit down to Sunday dinner this week identify all the foods on the table that are really Italian!

You can learn Italian, stay with an Italian family and a cooking class with Monica Cesarato.  An energetic tour guide with an endless knowledge of Venice:
Yle has an endless list of events you can experience in Puglia.  What I found best was her ability to create an event based on your interests:  cooking, wine tasting, photography or a visit with a nonna.
contact Yle at
Tina is a partner in Discover Naples Destinations.  Even if you have been to Naples, you have NOT seen the places Tina can show you.  Based on your interests DND will create a special event for you and can offer countless an independent traveler may not find.
Olga Stinga with SantaAnna Institute in Sorrento, can offer lessons and cultural experience in and around Sorrento.  A single class or an extended visit will enrich your experience in Italy.

Isabel Salesny is an estate agent in Rome.  She can help you find your 'next home in Itlay'

*béchamel, or balsamella as it is called in Italian.  t is used in many Italian baked dishes and gratinées, and is a necessity in meat lasgane. - See more at: 













Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Florence, Italy: Bike Raid

Why are they taking all the bikes off the street in Florence, Italy?
When I asked the woman  next to me, she did not know or could not understand my Italian.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Italy: planned by an expert

I met Yle the owner of Yltour 2 years ago and she planned both of my trips to Puglia.   I never use a travel agent, but Yle was able to introduce me to an Italy I could not have found without her........      from her web site:

Puglia is a state of mind and a way of life.  The DMC YLTOUR provides in Puglia custom experiences related to the Italian Culture, Language, Food & Wine, lifestyle, traditions to fit your interests and budget.  We are locals, living and working in Puglia, whose passion for all things Puglia is unsurpassed. We address to those travelers who have already visited the commercial Italian destinations and wish to discover a more intimate Italian southern region.  Many years of experience,

connections and partnerships make us create a unique and personalized Puglia experience: since 2000 , YLTOUR is an outstanding DMC for Italian culture enthusiasts.  YLTOUR creates opportunities for Puglia to enrich ties of friendship with people from all around the world, through the promotion of cultural and educational exchanges by planning events and tours which enhance the familiarity between Puglia and the globe: -  promote the healthy foods, delicious eating traditions and lifestyle of Puglia preserving the simplicity and authenticity of its gastronomy and customs in the world ( - plan culinary, wine, art and cultural immersions  - collaborate with various institutions, companies and T.O. in Italy and abroad - promote and organize events and cultural initiatives in Italy and abroad focused on Puglia.

YLTOUR works closely with you to fulfill your needs and wishes when it comes to special interest tours(budget, group size, dates, itinerary) and specializes in customized travel and events planning with unforgettable experiences for leisure, incentive and business travel, programs where culture and the traditions of southern Italy can be truly experienced and enjoyed.

YLTOUR also provides professional business services (private cars, translators, restaurant reservations, catering and more business services) for busy people who need assistance in the area and assists foreign companies in reaching Puglia trading partners.  Our 24/7 on call staff is available everyday at any time to assist you with any request. Anyone thinking of heading Puglia can ask us to organise everything: the accomodation, the transportation, activities and so much more.

We're really looking forward to helping you tailor an unforgettable Puglia experience, so please email us at

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Love Italy? Enjoy Fine Wines? Than this is for you

    • Saturday 19th April 2014 - Sunday 27th April 2014
      Saturday 03rd May 2014 - Sunday 11th May 2014

    • PLEASE NOTE: There are only 6 places on each date available. Group size will be 10 Maximum

    • FOCUS
      For Robertson Wine Tours the pursuit of a really meaningful travel means getting involved in the local culture of a specific region or a country as quickly as you can. RWT will offer you a completely unique tour service. The ethos is simple: to give you a once in a lifetime trip with wines and food that you will never forget. Our guides have all proven themselves with years of experience, wonderful personalities and of course in depth knowledge of their subjects. 

    • Most of all ... we want to enable you to have an amazing and unforgettable tour by sharing with you the insights and the things we most love: food, wines and a great company in world class settings. We will use tasting techniques, sensory and vertical tasting which all contribute to fulfil your wine tourism experience … but drinking, enjoying and discussing the wines and the food is of course the main event. So to summarize the main objective of this tour is for you to taste very interesting wines (not just the most expensive or famous) and gain a great understanding of Puglia & Basilicata and the local food in the time you have available

    Hotel Sant'Angelo Matera

    • This nine-day Puglia Wine & Food Experience will introduce you to a part of Italy few travelers visit. Accompanied by an experienced guide, you'll explore the history of Puglia's grapes and learn to appreciate traditional winemaking techniques, sipping top-notch varieties along the way. Accommodations include a luxe five-star sleep in the Baroque city of Lecce, a charming country house surrounded by olive groves and a traditional tufo hotel carved out of the rock, typical of the the Sassi of Matera. Your days will be busy with new sights and experiences, but you'll also have time to relax and soak up the slow life in Puglia and the Salento. This intimate tour is all about good food, good wine, good company and good time. 

    • WHY CHOOSE ROBERTSON WINE TOURS?The reason for choosing us is very simple: we are wine lovers and want to share with you our insights and the things we love most: outstanding wines with excellent food, great company and stunning landscapes. Our objective is for you to gain a great understanding of Italy and its people while tasting amazing wines and superb cuisine in the time you have available. RWT has 10 years of experience and excellence. Italy is a country you can return to often, so let us try to show it to you from a new perspective: through its foods and wines. Many of our guests have been to other great wine regions in the world. Italy sometimes surprises our guests with what appears to be backward technology and time tested winemaking techniques, which seem to be in big contradiction to all the New World's winemaking bells and whistles. It is fascinating to speak to winemakers about their perspective on the wines of Italy, the wine industry and global markets.

      Your Guides will be Ylenia Sambati and Tim Robertson. Ylenia is native of Lecce with over ten years of tourism and organizational experience in the heel of Italy. She knows very well the region of Salento and we have selected thanks to her help the very best cooking lessons, superb wine and gourmet tours, excursions to artisan food and producers as part of this incredible experience. Besides the food the joy for Ylenia is the local people with their warmth and sense of family in the beautiful local countryside, tasting the local wines and delicacies ... and meeting the people who live in small villages around or simply cook with a native family. With Ylenia you will experience a rustic and friendly holiday atmosphere. She is always happy to welcome new friends interested in discovering Puglia with her: a daily warm friendly atmosphere flavoured with simplicity and joy. Tim was born in the UK and is of Scottish descent. Tim was introduced to fine wines in 1988 when he worked for Sakagura Wine & Liquor ... part of Intercontinental Group in Hong Kong. He was responsible for selling their collection of Bordeaux Wines and other top quality new world wines, probably the best collection in Asia at that time. He never quite recovered from tasting the very best at early age of 18. However, he went on to complete his studies in Economics and Business. He was unable to find a suitably well-paid job in wine in London and so embarked on a career in finance. He decided to leave finance in 1998 to refocus on finding a project involving his love: the wine. He inaugurated Robertson Wine Tours (RWT) in 2003. The business has grown organically over the years and despite efforts to get involved in exporting he has stuck to the tried and tested formula of offering his clients the best the wine countries have to offer. The client base of RWT is rightly demanding of the best, extremely well travelled and generally with knowledge of wine.

Salento Puglia 

  • Flights are available to/from Brindisi Airport (BDS) and Bari Airport (BRI) via connecting flights from U.S. airports. Robertson Wine Tours recommends participants schedule arrival flights to Brindisi Airport (BDS) no later than 04:00 PM and departure flights from BDS no later than 03:00 PM. It is recommended that you schedule flights to arrive around midday. Airport transfers are included in the itinerary.

    In this itinerary we make it clear where meals are included:

    • (B) Breakfast
    • (L) Lunch
    • (D) Dinner



This is the definitive hotel in the centre of Lecce. It features a delightful rooftop bar area and lounge with panoramic views of Lecce. Reception is superb and the Risorgimento Resort is located in Lecce’s Baroque historic center, perfectly placed. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi and large modern rooms, which are very stylish and minimal in design. There is a small relaxing Spa as well. The attentive staff provide an excellent continental buffet breakfast. The restaurant overseen by Giovanni offers both Salento flavors and classic Italian cooking. This tends to be Puglian with a sophisticated twist. He is as passionate about his wines as we are. Drinks and snacks are available all day at the Janet Ross Bar. The health club offers a hot tub, Turkish Bath and gym. Massage and beauty treatments are also available. Piazza Sant’Oronzo is just 100 meters from Risorgimento Resort. The incredible Baroque Cathedral, Santa Croce, is a 5-minute walk away. All in all the perfect place for a few days to enjoy the wonderful town of Lecce.
Risorgimento Resort Tripadvisor comments
Website Risorgimento Resort

Risorgimento Resort Lecce
Risorgimento Resort Lecce
Risorgimento Lecce Puglia
Masseria Bagnara Resort Puglia
Masseria Bagnara Resort Puglia
Bagnara Resort Puglia


Masseria Bagnara Resort and Spa is a renovated farmhouse offering modern design and an outdoor pool in Lizzano's countryside. The Ionian Sea is just 800 metres away. Massaria Bagnara has a number of different classes of rooms, all very well appointed, fantastically clean and well thought out. They are all air-conditioned rooms decorated in white and neutral colours. Each room has a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, free Wi-Fi and a view of the pool and the vast countryside that surrounds the Masseria. The Bagnara restaurant serves typical cuisine from the Puglia region, as well as local specialities, all with a very unique twist. The daily breakfast is served buffet style. Bagnara Spa offers a small hydromassage pool and 3 beauty rooms for massages and treatments. We have to say we are impressed with their treatments and although starting at 50 Euros per person per session they are sure to make a great stay even better. The bar has a great list of wines and international spirits that would put a city bar to shame. We see attention to service and hospitality being very high. No children under the age of 12. Bicycles are available to enable you to get to the beach 800 meters away. The beaches/rocks of this side of Salento are rustic and should not be confused with those of the Southern tip of Salento, but never the less the sea is marvellous whereever you are in Puglia.

Masseria Bagnara Resort & Spa Tripadvisor comments

Website Masseria Bagnara Resort & Spa


Hotel Sant’Angelo boasts a great location in the amazing town of Matera. Carved out of the rocks the hotel combines this ancient setting with modern comforts perfectly. This small, smart hotel is located on the charming Piazza San Pietro Caveoso from where you have a breath-taking view over the Sassi Caveoso. The hotel is as dramatic and atmospheric as the city in which it is located. Consisting of beautifully restored cave dwellings, streets and stairways, Hotel Sant’Angelo is an example of the Albergo Diffuso concept at its absolute finest. The rooms are created from troglodyte cave dwellings, so each is unique and incredibly evocative of another era. Besides that, the rooms are marvellous, spacious and sleeping under the rocks is a great experience. All in all, encountering touches of luxury within such ancient, rustic spaces is an experience you will absolutely treasure. It is simply unforgettable!
Sant'Angelo Matera Basilicata

Sant'Angelo Resort Tripadvisor comments

Website Sant'Angelo Resort

Hotel Sant'Angelo Matera
Food Market Puglia

Day 1 - Arrival to Lecce / Welcome Wine Tasting
Day 2 - Cooking Experience at Masseria Provezani and Lecce City Tour
Day 3 - Gallipoli / Wineries of Southern Salento
Lecce Puglia

Day 4 - Cooking Experience & Olive Oil Tasting at Taurino / Wineries of Northern Salento

Day 5 -
Wineries of Manduria

Day 6 -
Free day at Masseria Bagnara
Day 7 - Matera
Day 8 - Matera City Tour and Farewell Dinner

Day 9 - Departure
Lecce Puglia

Lecce Puglia

Gallipoli Puglia


DAY 1: Arrival IN / Lecce / Risorgimento Resort
Arrival IN at Bari OR Brindisi Airport
Private Transfer to Lecce
Arrival & Check IN at Risorgimento Resort
Reception at Risorgimento Resort with RWT Expert Local Guide
Welcome Tasting of Wines & Products of Salento at Historic Palace in Lecce Old Town
Dinner Not Included a la Carte at Local Restaurant in Lecce
Please Note: RWT will give to you some suggestions and will book a table for you if you wish.
Sleep at Risorgimento Resort / Room Category:Superior Room
DAY 2: Cooking Experience at Masseria Provenzani / City Tour of Lecce
Departure from Risorgimento Resort with RWT Expert Local Guide
Visit at Food Market for Shopping & Tasting of Local Products
Arrival at Masseria Provenzani Cooking Experience & Wine Tasting at Masseria Provenzani with Mamma Giulia
Lunch Included with Wines Based on Your Creations atMasseria Provenzani
Private Transfer to Lecce

Guided City Tour of Lecce

Arrival at Risorgimento Resort
Welcome Dinner Included with Wines at Arcu Te PratuRestaurant in Lecce
Please Note: At Walking Distance from your Hotel.
Sleep at Risorgimento Resort / Room Category:Superior Room
(B) (L) (D)
Mamma Giulia
Cooking Course Mama Giulia Puglia
Cooking Course Mamma Giulia Puglia
Wine tours Puglia
DAY 3: Gallipoli / Wineries of Southern Salento
Departure from Risorgimento Resort with RWT Expert Local Guide
Private Transfer & Guided City Tour of Gallipoli
Visit & Wine Tasting with Lunch Included at Conti Zecca Winery
Visit & Wine Tasting at Apollonio Winery
Arrival at Risorgimento Resort
Dinner Not Included a la Carte at Local Restaurant in Lecce Please Note: RWT will give to you some suggestions and will book a table for you if you wish
Sleep at Risorgimento Resort / Room Category:Superior Room
(B) (L)
Gargano National Park

DAY 4: Cooking Experience & Olive Oil Tasting at Taurino / Wineries of Northern Salento
Departure from Risorgimento Resort with RWT Expert Local Guide
Cooking Experience / Wine & Olive Oil Tasting atAzienda Agricola Taurino with Mamma Anna
Lunch Included with Wines Based on Your Creation atAzienda Agricola Taurino
Visit & Wine Tasting at Cantele Winery
Arrival at Risorgimento Resort
Dinner Not Included a la Carte at Local Restaurant inLecce
Please Note: RWT will give to you some suggestions and will book a table for you if you wish
Sleep at Risorgimento Resort / Room Category:Superior Room
(B) (L)
Le Fabriche

DAY 5: Wineries of Manduria / Masseria Bagnara
Check OUT & Departure from Risorgimento Resort with RWT Expert Local Guide
Visit & Wine Tasting at Morella Winery
Lunch Included with Wines of Masseria Le Fabriche
Private Transfer to Lizzano
Arrival & Check IN at Masseria Bagnara
Tasting of Wines & Products of Manduria & Gioia del Colle at Masseria Bagnara
Dinner Not Included a la Carte at Masseria Bagnara
Sleep at Masseria Bagnara / Room Category: Deluxe Room
(B) (L)
DAY 6: Free Day or Optional Cooking Experience at Masseria Bagnara
Morning Free Enjoying Masseria Bagnara
Lunch Not Included a la Carte at Masseria Bagnara
Afternoon Free Enjoying Masseria Bagnara
Masseria Bagnara Cooking Experience at Masseria Bagnara with Professional Chef
Dinner Included with Wines Based on Your Creations at Masseria Bagnara
Sleep at Masseria Bagnara / Room Category: Deluxe Room
(B) (D Optional)
Wine tours Puglia

DAY 7: Matera
Morning Free Enjoying Masseria Bagnara
Lunch Not Included a la Carte at Masseria Bagnara
Check OUT & Departure Masseria Bagnara with RWT Expert Local Guide
Private Transfer to Matera
Arrival & Check IN at Sant'Angelo Resort
Afternoon Free Sightseeing Matera
Dinner Not Included a la Carte at Local Restaurant in Matera
Please Note: RWT will give to you some suggestions and will book a table for you if you wish
Sleep at Sant'Angelo Resort / Room Category: Junior Suite
Matera Basilicata
Bisceglia Wine
Palazzo Gattini Matera

DAY 8: City Tour of Matera
Morning Free Sightseeing Matera
Lunch Not Included a la Carte at Local Restaurant in Matera
Please Note: RWT will give to you some suggestions and will book a table for you if you wish
3 hour Guided City Tour of Matera
Tasting of Wines & Products of Basilicata at Regia Corte Restaurant in Matera
Farewell Dinner Included with Wines at Regia CorteRestaurant in Matera
Sleep at Sant'Angelo Resort / Room Category: Junior Suite
(B) (D)


After breakfast you'll be transferred privately to either Brindisi or Bari airport for your return flight home.


Based on Double Occupancy
Final Price per PERSON: 3,750 USD

Based on Single Occupancy
Final Price per PERSON: 4,550 USD


  • ✓ All international airport transfers
  • ✓ 8 Nights accommodation in the hotels listed in the program, including breakfast and tax
  • ✓ Private Transport with Driver & Air Conditioning
  • ✓ Expert Wine & Food Guiding

  • ✓ Daily Breakfast / 4 Lunches & 3 Dinners with Wines
  • ✓Entrance Fees & Wine Tastings at 4 Wineries / 5 Informal Wine Tastings & 2 Cooking Experiences
  • ✓ Overnight Tourist Tax of Lecce & Matera

  • ✓ Gratuities for all meals that are included / hosted by RWT


  • ✗ International & Domestic Flights
  • ✗ Lunches & Dinners Not Included in the Itinerary
  • ✗ Gratuities for Meals Not included in the Itinerary
  • ✗ Personal Expenses & Other Costs Not Indicated in the Itinerary
  • ✗ Gratuities for Drivers & Guides
  • ✗ Activities not listed in the tour that might attract a charge
  • ✗ Optional Cooking Class at Masseria Bagnara (170USD)

Tim J.B. Robertson
Director of Robertson Wine Tours

January 2014