Monday, April 13, 2015

Three Quick Stops in Italy via Photos

On my was to Germany for a press trip I spent Easter in Italy...........the food, the people and the ceremony  were a great reintroduction into European life.

Four cities in a week is  not for the average traveler but far better than just 'arriving' at my first assignment.

Later this month you can follow my 7 towns off the Beaten Track

The countryside of Assisi on a cloudy day

Inside the cloisters of St Frances:  asked the American working there what they use the massive building for

In the central square of Assisi


On the vaporetto you can not WEAR your back pack.  NOW I know why that woman was yelling at me!

Canal entrance to a private home

Masks to change your identity

A quiet moment for the gondoliers

On very trip, the gondolas are parked here.  Have wondered if it is for the perfect photo op?

Colors and textures are all over Italy.  A different way to observe a city.

Often the BEST part of my trips are the moments I stop and live Italian.
At the end of my alley was café/kiosk.   Sitting here in the sun with NO other tourists.

Visiting a residential area of Venice.  It is laundry day!

A former gondola offers fresh produce in the neighborhood.

Venice is the PERFECT location to add to my collections of 'reflections' photos

Not far from my guest house is a gondola 'repair shop'


The smallest coffee/drink stand I have ever seen

During Easter the oxen bring a special cart to the Duomo.  The expressions says to me:   This hat?  Really?

Unusual signs are all over Firenze.  I am still trying to translate tis one.


Sitting in the sun in the Boboli Gardens.  On Easter many of the important sites were FREE and very well attended.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Florence Italy: Where to eat solo

Florence Mercato Centrale could be the BEST food court ever!

The San Lorenzo Market may be best know for the lively local market on the first floor:  meats, fish, cheese, fruits and vegetables as well as my favorite Panetteria (delicatessen) Clara's  where you can ask for a custom sandwich or the makings of a picnic.  boot #27. 

The building dates from 1874  with soaring ceilings and windows with wrought iron. 

After many solo trips to Italy I try to develop a list of restaurants I am comfortable eating solo.

With the conversion of the second floor to a massive upscale 'food court' it has become my BEST SOLO dining location in Florence.   There are a large variety of venues that offer freshly prepared foods.  

On a visit early in the day I could choose a coffee on the first floor where many of the vendors were stopping for a quick espresso or take a a cappuccino and cornetto on the second floor where there are many tables and no rush to vacate your seat.

A nice way to have a 10 or 11 am break to check email (wifi connections in the entire building) or plan you next venture exploring Florence.

It may annoy the sellers when a 'tourist' asks for a small quantity:  one roll, one apple or a few slices of cheese.   I had my hand slapped when I tried to select an apple and was asked 'which one do you want'.  The vendor then put the selected item on the scale to weigh it.   Sadly with the renovation some of the vendors are no longer in the market.  My favorite was an ancient woman who did not want a photo taken but did tell me she had been selling there for many years. 

By 4 or 5 pm the market slows before the dinner rush.  If you have skipped lunch this is a good time to try beef at La Carne e Salumi, Il Pesce Fresco (fresh fish), La Mozzaella di Bugala, I formaggi (with a wide assortment of cheeses) and the tempting il Cioccolato and il gelato bar.  Perhaps I should start here on my next visit

By lunch time the entire building is humming.   Shoppers picking up fresh ingredients for the nightly meal stand 2 or 3 deep at the first floor counters.  Vendors address shoppers by name since I expect they return to the stand they have purchased from for years. 
Ramondo Mendolia, La Pasta Frsca
La Pasta Fresca was my choice for an early dinner.  You choose from the selection of fresh pasta and a sauce.  the pasta is cooked while you wait and served with chees on top.
The owner Ramondo Mendolia, was working and kindly chatted with me while my pasta was cooking.  Having his own business had been his dream.   He is hands on and the hours are long, from lunch to the late closing 7 days a week.   When many restaurants close one or two days a week it is wonderful for the traveler to find a place where you can find a meal at any time of the day.  Pasta and sauce is available to take home and enjoy.  

Fresh breads, rolls and of course CAKE
Pizza by the slice with a variety of toppings.

Solo Lunch:  This is a much more crowded time of day and with limited Italian language skills I try to select something that is easy to pronounce or something I can point to.   There is a pasta outlet with featured fresh pastas offered each day.   Of course pizza, a vegetarian stand where you order fresh juices, soups and salads.  I sampled the assortment of fried vegetables and chicken.   I could not manage trying the fired rabbit........   So far the meals were all around $8 to $10 USA. 

There is a cooking school in the market as well as several shops with kitchen products,
books and wine.

There is a large wine vendor where you can select a bottle or a glass.
The knowledgeable woman behind the counter knew exactly what to suggest to the man searching for a bottle. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dance in Puglia, Italy

You can Dance in Puglia on a YLTOUR adventure

Contact Yle Sambati the CEO of YLTOUR.    Make your next visit to Italy an adventure! 

I will be returning for my 4th adventure this Spring.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

ITALY: purchasing or renting in Puglia?

Yle Sambati in Puglia Adds Rentals and Home Purchases to  YLTOUR list of unique services...............

YLTOUR has more than 12 years creating special travel events for visitors to Puglia.    

Custom events are created based on individual travelers' interestS or hobbies.

             If you have traveled to Italy and visited the big 3 or even explored areas other than Rome, Florence and Venice isn't it time to explore the local culture beyond the tourist sites?   

Now YLTOUR has created an authentic travel adventure for a traveler to live as a 'local' not a tourist.

Spend a week or longer in a village or a country farm setting and live as a local....immerse yourself in the daily life, shop at the markets, explore off the beaten track towns, enjoy the quiet beaches.

'Enchanting relaxing apartment in a farmhouse nestled in the countryside with swimming pool. Sleeps 2/4'
Add caption
Enchanting relaxing apartment in a farmhouse nestled in the countryside 
with a swimming pool.  Sleeps 2 to 4

Find the hidden places in Puglia with Yle.
She does all the research and finds the best match suited to your needs:  large or small groups, apartment or larger country homes. 

Your personal travel concierge can make all the arrangements.
Clients are contacted via email and skype to share all details, availability and pricing.

Pack your bags, your best adventure is just an email or 
Skype call away.
Contact Ylenia Sambati to discuss your next trip to Puglia. 

        * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

If you have already fallen in love with Puglia, speak with Yle about searching for your next home in Italy:

rent or buy:  farmhouses, villas, apartments, houses in quint villages, wine or olive oil estates.   


Experience Puglia with Yltour 

  • attend the new wine school 
  • food or cooking lessons
  • ride in classic cars 
  • magnificent olive groves
  • wine tastings at local wineries
  • amazing private estates 
  • visit quaint villages