Monday, May 25, 2015

Venice in Photos NOT of the tourist sites

 I am again in Venice for the second time this month to meet with the woman who speaks to the beads.    A separate story on that event later.
I was welcomed by sunny skies and massive crowds of visitors.  My convent hotel was close to all the vaporetto stops and I took this advantage to visit a the 'lepar' island that offers a tour of the monastery once a day.
On my return trip to the island of Venice I had the boat to myself and totally enjoyed my Sofia Loren moment.

It has been unseasonably hot in Italy in April and May.   But the sea are and wind offset the high huminity

There are only a few 'boat' vendors who offer fresh vegetables to the residents of the area.

My day at SEA


The doors of Venice are varied and eye catching

Monday, May 18, 2015

Verona, Italy via Photos

A stop over in Verona on my way to Venice resulted in a town overflowing with runners!
A marathon was planned for the day after my arrival!

You can't plan everything so the crowds were larger, the wait for gelato was longer but the added benefit was a piazza filled with booths and music.  

Verona is a pedestrian city and it appears the entire town stroll along the shop filled streets from one piazza to the next.  

I found it a city of textures and colors.  The building are the monuments in this city.

The arena is the focal point of the central piazza and they start the famous operas next month

Looking up you can see the building behind you in the reflections

You forget there is a strong river running through Verona.  Strange there are no cafes or restaurants along the river front

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Is this Italy or New Jersey?

    After 6 weeks on the road I often forget where I am but today when I reached the beach in Viareggio, Italy

 I thought it could be Sea Side, New Jersey except they have a concrete boardwalk!

Many shops and restaurants line the street that boarders the sea in Viarreggio and hundreds of people are walking the length of the paved 'boardwalk'.

I even found some games that we find on boardwalks in the USA with a slight twist.  The carousels are small and only for young children.

By June this resort town will be open for business.  In August when all of Ialy goes to the beach, there will be no space for another blanket!   Adjacent to the stone pier are many boat warehouses, perhaps for repair, construction and sale.  But what caught my eye are the massive yachts moored in the harbor.    I wonder who owns these 'ships'.

                     What boardwalk does this remind you of?

Far out on the stone 'pier' there is a statue with the moutain view in the background

Read that this was a great fish and chips food "boat" and I agree!  Laughed with the 2 ladies frying and serving a variety of fish and potato dishes when I ordered via Number as per the sign, NO ONE ever does that!

Private beaches line the  promenade and you PAY for a chair and an umbrella, each company is designated by the color of the rental items

 Very small strip of FREE sand for anyone to use.

 The  yachts
  in the harbor.  Where will they sail next?

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The women of Mailbox Etc, Florence Italy are there to help!

While on an extended trip throughout Europe the women at the Mail Box Etc office on Via Della Scale, Florence, Italy saved the day.

I used their locaton for deliver of a train pass with Rail Europe, a reorder of business cards from the UK and storage for items I didn't need for the second month of travel.

Bur more than their usual services, the woman were a great help in finding a solution to my lack of wifi connection.

In the past they have given me suggestions on what to take for th flue I always contract during the fall, or the best places to find a special item I need, printing etc.

They are the support group you often need when traveling solo.
They are just like family.

Store your luggage with them while you travel
Instead of paying the airlines for an additional bag, have MBE send your new purchases to your home to arrive when you wish.

I never plan a trip Home to Italy without a stop in Florence to visit MBE 212.  

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rome Italy: what else can they add to this sign?

While leaving the Vatican I could not help but spend a minute watching all the information shared by
ONE simple sign..

Monday, April 13, 2015

Three Quick Stops in Italy via Photos

On my way to Germany for a press trip I spent Easter in Italy...........the food, the people and the ceremony  were a great reintroduction into European life.

Four cities in a week is  not for the average traveler but far better than just 'arriving' at my first assignment.

Later this month you can follow my 7 towns off the Beaten Track


The countryside of Assisi on a cloudy day

Inside the cloisters of St Frances:  asked the American working there what they use the massive building for

In the central square of Assisi


On the vaporetto you can not WEAR your back pack.  NOW I know why that woman was yelling at me!

Canal entrance to a private home

Masks to change your identity

A quiet moment for the gondoliers

On very trip, the gondolas are parked here.  Have wondered if it is for the perfect photo op?

Colors and textures are all over Italy.  A different way to observe a city.

Often the BEST part of my trips are the moments I stop and live Italian.
At the end of my alley was café/kiosk.   Sitting here in the sun with NO other tourists.

Visiting a residential area of Venice.  It is laundry day!

A former gondola offers fresh produce in the neighborhood.

Venice is the PERFECT location to add to my collections of 'reflections' photos

Not far from my guest house is a gondola 'repair shop'


The smallest coffee/drink stand I have ever seen

During Easter the oxen bring a special cart to the Duomo.  The expressions says to me:   This hat?  Really?

Unusual signs are all over Firenze.  I am still trying to translate tis one.

Sitting in the sun in the Boboli Gardens.  On Easter many of the important sites were FREE and very well attended.